The Treasure of the Maya


Professor Ramirez is strongly suspected of having stolen the famous mask of Moctezuma – a Mayan sanctuary.

Can he, the respected professor, really be the thief and did he hide the mask in his office?

Dive into the professor’s world and discover his dark secrets!

Your team of agents has 60 minutes to search the professor’s office! Can you solve the professor’s riddles and secrets within that time?


Children are welcome to join us and are often cleverer than the grown-ups at solving the riddles 😉

We recommend the room for ages 7 and up, as there are some delicate props and it becomes too difficult for younger children.


Prices depend on the number of players. Children from 7 to 14 years always pay 20 €, no matter how large the group is.

For young people aged 15 and over and adults, the price is based on the total number of players (incl. children):

2 adult players 35 euros/adult – 70 euros total.
3 adult players 30 Euro/adult – 90 Euro total

4 adult players 27 Euro/adults – 108 Euro total
5 adult players 24 Euro/adult – 120 Euro total

6 adult players 21 Euro/person – 126 Euro total

As examples:

  • A family with 2 children of 16 and 13 years pays e.g. 3 x 27€ + 20€ = 101€.
  • A group of 5 adults pays: 5 x 24€ = 120€.

You can either pay in advance upon booking (Sofortüberweisung, Paypal) or on site (EC card, cash).

The best team so far has made it on 17.10.2020 in 30 minutes and 15 seconds. Can you be even faster? 🙂

Professor Ramirez is an expert on pre-Hispanic civilisations (Aztecs, Incas, Mayas) and, like his role model Indiana Jones, also searches for lost treasures in the jungle in his spare time. On his previous trips, he always took his assistants with him, but not on the last one. Since then, the professor has been very secretive and hardly ever talks to his assistants. Moreover, no one is allowed to enter his office any more; he leaves his office for an hour at most to give lectures.

His assistants Antonio and Teresa suspect that the professor has found the famous Mayan treasure, but wants to keep it for himself and therefore hides it in his office. They think it is unfair because such a treasure should be visible to everyone, but they do not dare to look for it themselves because they are afraid for their jobs.

In you, however, the two assistants have seen a talented and motivated team that could help them find the Mayan treasure. The professor is already clever, so logic, good observation and teamwork are very important to find and decipher possible clues.

Are you ready for this challenge?

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